The Wardens of Coventry began as a lower-point GURPS 4e game where the characters were the simple folk of a quiet little village called Thaen’s Wood, situated in the foothills of the Dragon Spire mountains, in the County of Coventry.

The story revolves around:

  • Sir Devlin, retired Knight Captain of the Order of Iron
  • Rowan, young shireling Sister of the priesthood of Abon’Deus, the Twin Aspects of Life and Disease
  • Aurora, the eldest daughter of the village innkeeps
  • Sliver, ranger and hunter of the woods surrounding Thaen’s Wood
  • Eliana’Vori, the enigmatic spirit of a deceased sha’thira winged sidhe

But as events were thrown into their path, they have grown beyond their humble roots into growing heroes. When the elder knight lord of their village is put on trial for crimes involving the breach of an agreement between the Empire and the Elder World, they assumed upon themselves a Debt by Proxy, taking the old knight’s punishment onto themselves for the sake of their village. Becoming indentured wardens of the county, they have since tangled with a believed vampyre cult, journeyed into the City of the Dead, fought orches and bandit lords, battled in a faerie war for the reemergence of spring, and even danced with the Undying Queen herself.

But their greatest challenges still lie ahead of them. The forces of Winter, whom they once thwarted, continue to move in the Fae Realm of Aurorae, and the Lord of Earth, Fire and the World Below, locked away in his elder world beyond the mountain borders, lurks and moves once again after a centuries long sleep.


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